Brooks Decries Trivial Budget Fight

The budget fight, David Brooks said Friday night, has been an absurdity.

The amount of money, by the federal budget standards, is trivial. The side issues are perennial issues which will never be settled. It's like people getting divorced because they disagree about the napkins.

On the panel with Brooks, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus reiterates that the fight that ended Friday night was really just a preliminary.

The really important thing about this little episode -- I have been calling it a tantrum -- is what the impact will be on the actually important things that need to happen down the road. The most immediately important one is to raise the debt ceiling, which is what grownups do, even if they don't like it, when they are faced with the need to keep the nation's full faith and credit.

What remains to be seen is whether the GOP will fight for things like defunding NPR and Planned Parenthood later, or if they're committed to compromise in order to avoid a future shutdown.