Broken How?

Charlie Crist announced last night that he's running for senate as an independent after having been driven from the race for the GOP nomination by Marco Rubio.

In a three way race with a weak Democrat, will the Florida Governor move toward becoming a Democrat if he wins the senate seat?
After months of touting what he described as the conservative record of a Reagan Republican, Crist made no mention of cutting taxes and spending. Instead, he touted his opposition to off-shore drilling, his recent veto of an education reform bill that has won him support among teachers and recalled his controversial decision to expand voting hours in 2008.
Crist said, at the beginning of his remarks, that the system is broken. What's been proven in Florida, however, is that the system is working fine. The people don't want Charlie to be the Republican nominee, so he quit the party. The system gives him the option to run as an independent. Where's the problem? Crist didn't explain.