Brian Ross Gives Bachmann Headache

What happened at Michele Bachmann's migraine press conference? Brian Ross says he was touched.

I was never closer than 10 or 12 feet to her. It was the people around her -- I don't think she even knew what was going on -- who recognized me and came up and identified themselves as with the staff said they knew who I was. And the blocking was all about me. Other cameraman, other reporters were allowed to get close.

They are more than headaches, Bill, they are migraines, which can be very, very serious and put people out of action. And my question was based on reporting that we had done and the other media had done was she may have missed some votes.

Headaches -- her migraines were so severe she may have had to miss votes. So could she be entrusted with what they call the "nuclear football"?

The funny thing about the Brian Ross world tour is that he's out promoting the incident without showing the video tape.