Brewing in Boston

People think that Masschusetts is filled with wackos, but it's more a case of traditional working class voters being unable to kick their Democrat voting habits. Here's a family that's figured it out.

Of course, there are some here who are opposed to the Arizona immigration law, but they tend to be those with a vested interest.
Governor Jan Brewer is in Boston for the weekend, attending a meeting of U.S. governors. But before the meetings begin Saturday morning, she's expected to be greeted by more than a 1,000 people protesting Arizona's immigration law. We want to let her know that the people in this country and city are not in favor of what's happening in Arizona and we want to make sure other governors attending the same meeting do not get the same ideas," says one organizer.
The vast majority of Americans, or course, do support Governor Brewer. Even in Massachusetts, 83% of voters support the Perry Amendment, which would ban social services for illegal immigrants. Our governor favors in state tuition and drivers licenses for illegals.