Breitbart Says More Weiner Revelations to Come

As Anthony Weiner goes off to rehab in order to hide from attempts to pressure him to leave congress, Democrats have now lost two weeks to his online sex scandal.

Democrats are probably thinking that if not for Weiner, they could have gotten up this Sunday and spent the day ranting on the talk shows about the mean GOP’s plans to reform Medicare. 

Speaking on Fox News Saturday, Andrew Breitbart reported that both Presidents Obama and Clinton have told Weiner to step down.

But instead of just blaming the odious Weiner, perhaps the Democratic leadership needs to look in the mirror. Had they been as tough and as decisive as John Boehner was with Chris Lee, then the story of the last two weeks might have been different. 

Will there be more revelations coming like news this weekend of Weiner chats with a 17 year old? "With this guy, where there's smoke, there's an Arizona wildfire the size of the city of Los Angeles," says Breitbart.

After two weeks of watching the Democrats dither about Weiner, their slurs about Paul Ryan and the GOP just don’t have as much bite.

Pelosi and the White House (for whom the DNC chair was acting as surrogate) have to hope that Weiner’s celebrity rehab stint will somehow put a cork in this story. But as long as there is a danger that Weiner will return from his sessions on the couch hoping to hold onto his seat, the story won’t die.