Bloomberg - Attach Green Cards to Their Diplomas

Mayor Bloomberg made some interesting comments about fixing the economy on Meet the Press Sunday. Most striking? You can stimulate economic activity without government stimulus programs.

I think there’s some things that don’t cost very much money but would have a much greater impact.  Number one, you’ve got to build confidence.  If you think about it, banks have money but they’re unwilling to make loans.  Companies have money... It’s confidence more than anything else.  If people have confidence, the, the consumer will start spending money. And it’s the biggest single impediment to growth.

Could there be a more damning critique of presidential leadership? Then, on immigration, Bloomberg says forget about the illegal immigration problem for a second and consider the educated workers who we need as part of our economy. He says we've got to...

...make sure anybody that gets a graduate degree in America from overseas gets a green card attached to their diploma.  That’s the ways that we are going to keep going.  You know, all these other countries are trying to attract the best and the brightest, and we’re helping them.  It’s even worse, we’re educating them and then helping them.  This is craziness.  I call it national suicide.