Bill Kristol: Romney Should be Worried

Bill Kristol is one of the GOP establishment making noise of disappointment with the Romney campaign - a group that includes Rupert Murdoch and his Wall Street Journal.

On April 8, exactly three months ago, in the Rasmussen poll of likely voters, it was 45-45 between Governor Romney and President Obama. On July 8, today, in the Rasmussen poll, it is 46-46... So, President Obama has had three disappointing months, but he's holding his own. And if I were in the Romney campaign that would worry me...

A new USA Today poll shows a tight race in the swing states.

In the 12 battleground states, the race is all but tied. Obama leads Romney 47%-45% among 1,200 registered voters in the poll June 22-29 — a tick closer than Obama's 48%-44% lead among 2,404 voters in the rest of the USA over the same period.