Bilingual Constitution

Understanding the liberal mind is a tough study, but here's a CNN analyst explaining why Blacks see racism in the Tea Party. It turns out to be a misunderstanding.

Black folks don't think you racist, we think your ideology is racism... When you start hollering state rights, we start thinking Jim Crow.

States' rights is a fundamental concept of the Constitution, yet Ballentine is saying that Black America perceives the concept only as it relates to the federal enforcement of civil rights. Until terms are defined and meanings agreed upon, it's hard to have a conversation, as no one hears what the other side intends to say.

As a nation, we've been hearing a lot about states' rights lately, particularly in the context of the Arizona immigration reform law, and the Obama administration's very bad decision to challenge that law in court.

The former Republican Governor of Arizona writes:

Immigration is the issue that is right in front of us today, but it is just the tip of the states' rights iceberg. Education, welfare and health care are just a few of the issues that have been slowly but surely usurped by the feds - with no real basis in the Constitution or the clear intent of the founders.

A states' rights argument is not a de facto race discussion.

As the honorary chairman of the Our America Initiative, challenging these federal power grabs is one of my highest priorities. Someone needs to be asking the obvious questions about why the federal government insists on doing so much, spending so much, and attempting to ultimately control so many local issues. We can see where their approach has gotten us: Borrowing 43 cents of every dollar the government spends, with no end in sight.

It's critical for the fight to save our nation from the radicals who control Washington that everyone understand.