Big Lies

Will this ad from Deval Patrick work? While most sleazy attack ads do a pretty good job of casting doubt on their target, this one - going after Charlie on his tenure turning around Harvard Pilgrim - strikes me as being without the desired emotional impact.

Here are the points made in the ad and why they don't resonate.

  1. Health insurance rates rose while he ran the company. Big surprise - which company's didn't?
  2. Charlie's pay increased while he was there. Ya, but he was there for ten years and his pay was not out of the ordinary for CEO's of similar companies.
  3. Deval capped some health insurance rates. Yup - sure did. Did everyone notice how insurance rates are frozen in place?

Deval is at his best committing acts of grand deception rather than just misrepresenting facts. Like his education ad. He is the destroyer of education, and he's doing it all for political gain. Tricking people into believing that he's fighting for the children? That's the sort of challenge that brings out the best in the governor.