Wendy Murphy joined me as co-host on WRKO this morning, and we spent some time fleshing out her theory that the fact patterns in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, and Maddy McCann all suggest the involvement of the child porn trade.
Cyril Wecht, who studied this case, believes that it was an accidental death at the hands of her father, that the garrote was used for sexual purposes, that he accidentally asphyxiated her and then... There were a lot of people early on in this case, back in 1997 who said it could well be JonBenet was being photographed pornographically. That garrote, S and M, kiddy porn is the most expensive, the most valuable kiddy porn you can pedal. ... I said that's what the police wrote in 1997, in support of the search warrant that they used to search the Ramsey, multiple Ramsey homes. They said this is consistent with child pornography and the garrote around the neck is an S and M child pornography.
Each of the stories has odd fact patterns that just don't add up. Why was JonBenet's body dumped in the basement of her own house? Why the ransom note? Why the signs of chronic sexual abuse?
The autopsy says the child's vaginal mucosa showed "chronic inflammation", "epithelial erosion" and that the hymen had been "eroded".  This means Jonbenet had suffered PAST repetitive penetration.  There were also "acute" injuries - meaning there was also penetration on the night in question.  If the person who killed the child is the one who caused the prior injuries -- it had to have been someone with ongoing intimate access.
What were the McCann's doing out to dinner with their kids asleep while in a foreign country? Why did the Ramseys and McCanns instantly hire professional support like defense attorneys and P.R. people?
Clarence Mitchell has become the public face of Mr and Mrs McCann since Portuguese police named them as formal suspects in Madeleine's disappearance. He flew out to Portugal to act as the couple's chief adviser for a month shortly after the young girl vanished, but only took over as their full-time spokesman in mid-September. Mr Mitchell is a former BBC journalist who reported on the royal family and major crime stories including the Fred and Rosemary West killings and the murder of Milly Dowler.
Your daughter is missing or murdered and you're going to spend money on PR rather than hiring someone to do image work? Murphy has endless unanswered questions about details of the Ramsey case.
Jonbenet had undigested pineapple in her belly at the time of autopsy - which means she ate it within two hours of death.  She died after midnight.  The Ramseys told police they brought her home at about 9:30 pm and that she was sound asleep.  They said she stayed asleep and they put her to bed.  A bowl of pineapple was found on the kitchen table.  Patsy's fingerprints were found on the bowl.  Both parents adamantly denied giving the child pineapple.  Why?  What's so bad about admitting that you gave your child pineapple?  The bowl was taken by police, and presumably tested.  What were they looking for?  Did they perform drug tests?  Why? What were the results?  Why were the Ramseys asked about the presence of a variety of sedatives in the home, such as Klonopin?
Murphy suggests that the fact pattern of each of these child murder stories individually, and collectively - the use of drugs that child molesters use, the hiring of PR people, the illogical behaviors of the adults involved, etc, creates reasonable grounds for suspicion of the parents having been engaged in the act of pimping their daughters. One more example - Casey Anthony's claim that she dropped her daughter off at the babysitter's, a woman named Zenaida living at the Sawgrass Apartments.
The only Zenaida Gonzalez having any sort of contact with the Sawgrass Apartments was questioned by law enforcement. Authorities are certain she has nothing to do with the case or Caylee’s disappearance. In addition, after viewing photographs of Gonzalez, Casey claims the woman found was not the Gonzalez with whom she left Caylee. Casey proclaims there are several women with the name of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez and authorities are not following up on leads she has provided.
The Caylee apartment story makes sense if the drop off wasn't for a babysitter but was for sex. JonBenet being hidden in the house makes some sense if she died accidentally after sex with a regular visitor. The incomprehensible Gerry and Kate McCann, who admitted to using Benzodiezopene to keep the sleeping kids safe while they went out for drinks with friends, become more comprehensible if one considers that their daughter was being sold for sex. At the same time, it's all difficult to absorb. But the incongruities look less incongruous when threaded together with the sex trade theory - and, it explains where the power and money might come from to squelch this story line from being expressed - and charges from ever being filed.