Bending the Poll

The mainstream media can be pretty devious in the attempts to assist the Obama administration in pursuing its agenda, as can his fellow Democrats. Check out the latest ABC News poll, much touted, along with other polls, for the support shown the Public Option. The survey asked respondents if they favor a health care bill jammed through by Democrats with a Public Option or a bipartisan one without a Public Option.
Fifty one percent said they preferred the public option; 37 percent said they preferred a bill with some support from Republicans in Congress. Six percent said neither and seven percent expressed no opinion.
What doesn't get much mention is that, while they may like the sound of a public option, Americans don't support the Democrats' bill.
Overall, 45 percent support the proposed health care changes being developed by Obama and the Congress, while 48 percent are opposed; that’s been essentially steady in three ABC/Post polls since mid-August.
Let's say it straight-out since the media won't - Americans are opposed to the Democrats' health care reform! This line of deception is bizarre in that it's been repeated so often with no effort made to provide an accurate picture.
What else don't they mention? That of the six public policy areas they polled, Obama is viewed more favorably on his handling of international affairs, being Commander in Chief, even on his handling of the economy and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, than he is on health care. Only on his handling of the deficit does Obama poll worse than on health care!
On health care, as noted, he gets an even split: 48 percent approve, 48 percent disapprove, again with more strongly disapproving, 38 percent, than strongly approving, 30 percent.
Yet, we have had a week of stories touting the return of the Public Option.
The comeback may be fueled by opinion polls showing that a majority of the public wants a public option. Fifty-seven percent of Americans favor a public insurance option, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.
This survey isn't even a poll of registered voters, it's a poll of ADULTS! To get accurate results, it is best to see likely voters surveyed, as they are better informed citizens who take part in elections. Polls of adults include junkies, illegal aliens and folks who've never voted in their lives. Of course they'd be for the Public Option! Polls of likely voters show much stronger against ObamaCare. Rasmussen says that only 45% of likely voters support ObamaCare.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% are opposed to it. Those numbers include 23% who Strongly Favor the plan and 40% who are Strongly Opposed.
Gallup polls indicate:
  • If and when a new bill is passed into law, it is likely that not much more than half of the American adult population will support it.
  • Americans are about as likely to select the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan or the federal budget deficit as Obama's top priority as they are to select healthcare. And all three issues rank well below the economy.
  • Gallup research shows that even among the relatively small group of adults without health insurance, fewer than half would advise their member of Congress to vote for new healthcare legislation, while the rest either would advise their member to vote against it or are unsure.
Guess what? 80% of Americans are happy with their health care just the way it is!
Similarly, and importantly, relatively few Americans believe various aspects of their own healthcare coverage or medical care will improve under healthcare reform. Most believe their healthcare either will not change or will in fact worsen, with close to half expecting their costs to increase.
Guess why Dems keep touting the phony number of 47 million people being unable to get health insurance?
When healthcare reform supporters are asked to provide their reasons for favoring legislation, nearly half of the reasons they give have to do with providing access for those who don't have it.
The liars keep lying, and misrepresenting poll numbers to support the lies.