Belafonte: Occupy is Rosa Parks All Over Again

Harry Belafonte equates the Occupy movement with Rosa Parks - he believes this is a moment that will cause a shift in the course of America. Am I missing something?

The only thing that I find missing from Barack Obama is a nation that's at his back... He did not have and does not have and will have, because I predict it's here and is coming... an America that is awake, and is thirsty for truth, and an America that demands on having things in another way...

Belafonte is promoting a book, and he's just what the liberal media enjoys bestowing hero status upon.

ANN CURRY: Also coming up, I'm very excited because in our studio this morning, Harry Belafonte, the man who gave us "Day-O." I mean, who does not remember that iconic song? Great actor. Also a close friend of Martin Luther King. He was a major leader in the civil rights movement so he's got a lot to say in a new book that's just come out.

Curry briefly noted Belafonte's history of controversy: "He's ruffled a lot of feathers along the way as well, with his choice of friends and foes. Once calling President George W. Bush, quote, 'the greatest terrorist in the world.'"

When she mentioned "his choice of friends," photos appeared on screen of Belafonte spending time with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. As much as Curry touted Belafonte's activism in the civil rights movement, she never bothered to point out the obvious hypocrisy of him then becoming a friend of authoritarian regimes in other countries.