Beginning to Look Alot Like Bull Crap

Dems claim to be worried that Boehner's bill might lead to another debt fight at year's end, ruining Christmas. Well, okay, they couldn't really bring themselves to say "Christmas."

“Happy Holidays America: Boehner plan would have the debt ceiling all over again during the holiday season, which is critical for the economy,” White House deputy spokesman Dan Pfeiffer declared today at 9.50 a.m.

How much do Dems care about the "Holidays?"

The Drudge Report reminds readers that House Democrats passed the president’s health care reform legislation on Christmas Eve, 2009.

More bull dung from the pros.

New York Times blogger Michael Shear reports that Speaker Boehner’s spokespersons are dismissing the Christmas scare, noting that his legislation would extend debt-ceiling relief past the holiday shopping season and into January.

Anyway, the vote on the Boehner bill was scheduled for 6pm Thursday eve, but was delayed as leadership presumably scrambled to secure last minute votes.