The Bastards

America's greatness came from a simple formula - create a land where the government stays out of the way of individual creativity and the drive to succeed, and great things will result. The business model of the Democrats runs contrary to this concept. In order to succeed, liberals must kill the American Dream. To stop them, we must vote out the Democrats. As Limbaugh said today:
Now, there are some people who want to look back at the past and say, "How did we get here?" and that's all fine and dandy, but we know how we got here.  Barack Obama was elected president.  If you want to go back any further than that, we can, but we are here because Barack Obama was elected president.  We are here because the Democrat Party has a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives.
The special interest groups of the GOP are those who create wealth and economic growth. The special interest groups of the Democrats are those who leech off the growth builders - unions, cities and the underclass. We must vote out the Democrats.
WRKO listeners are shocked when I remind them that of the $28 billion Massachusetts state budget, about $10 billion of that goes to health care spending. Medicaid, mostly. Today, I didn't have to do the reminding for the radio audience - it was State Treasurer Tim Cahill, who quit the Democratic Party last year to run for Governor as an independent. He said that as a fiscal conservative, he just didn't feel welcome in the party anymore. Republican Charlie Baker, the front runner in the race to knock leftist Deval Patrick from office, is disgusted by the Castro Care package.
“I’m sad for my country, and I’m sad for my state,’’ Baker said. “This is a bad deal for Massachusetts, and I think it’s a bad deal for the country. I think the math in this thing is appalling. . . . We’re basically going to be dumping an onerous burden onto our children and grandchildren.’’
We are in a philosophical civil war, one that the majority can win if it remains mobilized. Even in Democrat addicted Massachusetts, we elected Scott Brown and will evict the socialist Deval from office. We will replace some of our leftist congressmen this year as well. If we can do it, the sky is the limit for the rest of the country.
The debate over civility misses the point. We are trying to save the union, and it's not an enterprise that lends itself to social niceties. Whatever you're spending on social services, though, it's not enough for the Bastards. They're in the dependency business, and that's an easy group of voters to expand - just keep giving them more, and the number of voters who believes in self-reliance and personal responsibility shrinks. But the latter group still exists, and is still the majority.
Zogby reports that Obama is the killer of the American Dream. Whatever that dream is, it finds its roots in the longstanding reality that the United States was a place where one could come and get rewarded fairly for hard work and dedication. The endless growth of government, the desire to guarantee end results for those who don't produce, are the enemy of that dream.
The percentage of people who believe it is possible for themselves and their families to achieve the American Dream has dropped 10 points since immediately after the November 2008 elections, falling from 67% then to 57% now.
We must vote the Bastards out.