Barney Explains Retirement Decision

Barney held a press conference Monday afternoon to explain his decision not to seek reelection. He blames redistricting, evil Republicans, and Sean Bielat.

“I will miss this job and I will have some twinges of regret ... but one of the advantages is I don’t have to pretend to be nice to people I don’t like,” Frank said, adding he won’t be a “historian nor a lobbyist,” but will write.

Funny, it never seemed that Barney spent much time pretending to be nice!

Frank's decision will be seen by some as a sign the veteran Democrat lacked confidence his party will retake the House next year.

(Former Campaign Manager Ken) Sowyrda also said Frank’s “brutal” 2010 battle with Republican Sean Bielat was a factor in his decision. The race marked Frank’s toughest re-election fight in years and was highlighted by scathing criticism of the congressman’s role in the nation’s housing collapse, as well as a Herald video that went viral that showed Frank’s longtime boyfriend, Jim Ready, taunting Bielat on the campaign trail.