Barack's Babeski

Is the President really ogling the 16 year old from Rio? The video makes things less clear than the photo implies. First, let's revisit the still photo.
"I'm a little disappointed that our president is a bit of a pig," said Michele McGinty in BeliefNet. The photo currently making the rounds on the Internet and on TV clearly shows President Obama checking out a girl—Mayara Tavares, 16, of Brazil—at the G8 conference. After close scrutiny of the "Obama looking at a girl" photo, the only thing that can be said in the president's defense is that he wasn't leering as badly as French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Now, let's watch the full video. Is Obama's attention caught by the derriere that faces him? If he is checking her out, it appears that his moment of opportunity is brief.
The "Obama looking at girl" photo certainly looks bad, said Lynn Sweet in the Chicago Sun-Times. But if you look at ABC News' video, you can see what President Obama was really doing as Mayara Tavares -- who was identified by some news outlets as Mayora Tavares -- walked by. "Conclusion: Obama was not looking; Sarkozy maybe."
While the video casts some doubt on what the President is looking at, Sarkozy seems absolutely to have focused in on the Rio Butt!