Barack O'Flipper

How toxic is the campaign environment for Democrats who voted for ObamaCare? One of its big proponents, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, is now attacking the measure that he vigorously supported.

One little-known provision of the bill allows states to opt out of the "requirement that individuals purchase health insurance," Mr. Wyden wrote, and "Because you and I believe that the heart of real health reform is affordability and not mandates, I wanted to bring this feature of Section 1332 to the attention of you and the legislature."

Wyden's flip flop is particularly remarkable when you consider how he talked last year.

The individual mandate is the most obviously unconstitutional provision of the law. But it is the cornerstone of the concept behind ObamaCare - you can't get everyone covered, and eliminate restrictions on pre-existing conditions, if you don't make everyone buy in.

Now, that's news. One of the Democratic Party's leading experts on health care wants his state to dump the individual mandate that is among ObamaCare's core features. The U-

turn is especially notable because Mr. Wyden once championed an individual mandate in the bill he sponsored with Utah Republican Bob Bennett.

What an embarrassment for Wyden - and to the president!

On ObamaCare, Democrats are having the first political second thoughts, at least in this election season. Mr. Wyden is essentially saying that what his party passed is not acceptable, and if such thinking builds, opponents may have a real chance to replace ObamaCare with something better.