Bandwagon Gloom

Sorry, but I'm still having trouble buying the media argument that the GOP is over - nothing more than a party of the south.
40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative...
After all, the Republican party is the party whose underlying premise coincides with the beliefs of the American people.
35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal
If you run down the agenda of the Democrats, you'll find few people who agree. Dems can only win elections by keeping their true beliefs behind a curtain, and by misrepresenting what the GOP stands for.
This represents a slight increase for conservatism in the U.S. since 2008, returning it to a level last seen in 2004.
If you'd been listening to the media, you'd think there are no conservatives left in America. Gallup's numbers demonstrate that all Republicans have to do to start winning again is return to conservatism. Yet, even conservative consultant Mike Murphy says Republican chances are being destroyed by changing demographics in the country.
In 1980, Latino voters cast about 2 percent of all votes, but in 2008 they cast 9 percent, and Barack Obama received 67 percent of those votes. John McCain got only 31 percent, down from the 44 percent that George W. Bush received in 2004.
Are Latino voters dumb? Will they vote for the anti-education, anti-business, anti-national security, minority crushing party forever? I don't think so. Nor will the young fail to grow wiser as they mature.

Republicans need to become more socially libertarian on issues such as gay rights to appeal to young voters, and to support practical immigration reform to win more of the Latino vote, Murphy suggests, adding:

"Saving the GOP is not about diluting conservatism but about modernizing it to reflect the country it inhabits instead of an America that no longer exists."

I'm sure the GOP will do some modernizing. A big part of that modernization should consist of getting conservative - like most voters in the country!

A Republican renewal could still be possible, according to Murphy, because "conservatism is traditionally energized by a reaction to liberal excess, and the unabashedly leftish tilt of the Obama administration's domestic agenda does give hope. But demography is a powerful force."

Liberal excess is upon us, and the destructiveness of Obama's attempts to turn us into the Soviet Union will be visible to all. Especially since the largest voting block in the country is conservatives.