Banana Republic

Do liberals believe in "Together We Can?"
On Tuesday, a coalition of activist groups will hold an event called "Yes We Can Arrest Bush," co-opting Obama's winning campaign message in a way he probably didn't intend. The protest will be in front of the FBI building along the inaugural parade route.
Are they able to rise to the occasion, and follow the Messiah's message of national reconciliation?
On Monday, a group called was scheduled to hurl footwear at the White House, an apparent slap at the president reminiscent of a recent press conference in Iraq. Other anti-war groups were set to gather at the Pentagon on the same day.
While Barack is doing his best to reach out to the other side, last night speaking at an event honoring John McCain, liberals seem not to be up to the challenge.
"Either on Sunday or Monday [President Bush] is going to pardon a bunch of people, and what the goal of Arrest Bush is ... is we're going to have a nexus of Arrest Bush and the Obama inauguration," said Jose Rodriguez of the group Arrest Bush.
They just can't let go, and move on.
"It really hurts me to say that you have to arrest the chief executive, because it shows that there are some big problems with the country," said Rodriguez, a longtime Washington activist. "Nothing upsets Americans more than people getting special treatment. ... If you do the crime, you're going to do the time."
Do they want us to behave like the world's greatest country, or would they prefer a banana republic?
Harold Burbank, an attorney from Canton, Conn., said, "Tuesday is not a day to celebrate. Obama 'won't take steps to prosecute the Bush administration.'"
Yes We Can.