Bail: Out

There's no bailout, just yet, for the car makers. But after their smarmy performance yesterday in Congressional hearings, and all the huffing and puffing from congress, it feels like Pelosi and Reid are preparing to cave in.
* Reid says will give automakers another opportunity to make their case to Congress, submit plan by December 2. * Reid says prepared to come back into session the week of December 8 to help automakers get assistance. * Reid says Bush administration already has authority to provide automakers aid under Treasury Dept's TARP program. * U.S. House Speaker Pelosi says "until they show US a plan, we cannot show them the money" regarding automaker aid.
Barack wants a bailout, and whatever Obama wants, Obama gets. At least for now.
* Reid says automakers must develop bailout proposal that can pass congressional muster during week of December 8.