Bail doubt

Will Democrats do the wrong thing? Rest assured. Bailing out the automakers may or may not be in the national interest, but there's no option for the Democratic Party.
The US United Auto Workers (UAW) union has ruled out concessions - at least for the time being - to help rescue the ailing Detroit-based car industry.
Democrats are partners with the unions. They've spent decades demanding that union workers be paid more than market value - dramatically more. Just as they spent years demanding that evil mortgage lenders give mortgages to those who couldn't afford them. Those rich companies can absorb the added cost.
Ron Gettelfinger, the union president, said at the weekend that "the focus has to be on the economy as a whole as opposed to a UAW contract"...
So Democrats collapsed Wall Street, collapsed the housing market, collapsed the economy, and crushed the auto industry. Can they ask their partners to give up something after spending years helping to get Democrats back in power? No. Can they ask the auto makers to go it alone after they've intimidated them into signing union contracts that were unsustainable? No again.
..."We're here not because of what the auto industry has done", Mr Gettelfinger said during a rare press conference. "We're here because of what has happened to the economy." The union represents blue-collar workers at assembly plants, as well as several parts suppliers.
Why can't the Dems "Just Say No"? Because if the automakers go under, someone's going to have to pay the pensions and health care for the four retired workers there are for every single working auto worker. And that's one bailout Democrats don't want average Americans to know about.
High labour costs are seen by many outside the UAW as part of the reason for the carmakers' distress. UAW members' generous pay and benefits have gained them a reputation as the aristocracy of the US labour movement. Much of GM's debt was taken on in the early part of the decade to finance its blue-collar pension plan.
Which is why the auto maker bailout is actually a union bailout, which is actually a bailout of the corrupt, destructive policies of the Democratic Party.
President-elect Barack Obama reiterated his support for some kind of bailout for the auto industry in an interview tonight with 60 Minutes. Top Republicans have heaped scorn on a Detroit bailout as nothing more than "put[ting] off for six months or so the day of reckoning."