Bachmann's Change Sends Shivers

Listen to the power with which Michele Bachmann speaks about having suffered a miscarriage, and how that led to she and her husband to embrace all children that came their way after.

At that moment we didn’t think of ourselves as overly career-minded or overly materialistic. When we lost that child, it changed us. And it changed us forever.”

“And so we made a commitment that no matter how many children were brought into our life we would receive them, because we’re committed to life. And we didn’t know it at that time that we’d be foster parents and that one day we’d be parents of 28 children, but we are extremely grateful for that opportunity because you can get money wrong, but you can’t get life wrong. And I am committed to life.”

It must send shivers through the hearts of the left who like to make it seem that only a neanderthal can be pro-life.