Bachmann Asked: Are You a Flake?

Is Michele Bachmann, looking like the GOP frontrunner in Iowa, a flake? That's how liberals want her portrayed, but Bachmann offers her side of the story when hit with that question by Chris Wallace.

Bachmann seemed offended by the line of inquiry. "I think that would be insulting to say something like that because I'm a serious person," she explained. She then went on to tout all the ways in which she was, indeed, serious.

"I'm 55 years old. I've been married 33 years," she said. "I'm not only a lawyer, I have a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law from William and Mary. I've worked in serious scholarship … my husband and I have raised five kids, we've raised 23 foster children. We've applied ourselves to education reform. We started a charter school for at-risk kids. I've also been a state senator and member of the United States Congress for five years."