Attacks on Jeff Perry Escalate

Never underestimate the willingness to do anything for power amongst the good government crowd.

Breaking her long silence, a woman who was illegally strip searched in 1991 by a Wareham police officer under the command of then-police sergeant Jeffrey D. Perry said that Perry was nearby during the assault, failed to stop it, and tried to cover it up after the fact.

The accusation against Perry, now a congressional candidate, came Tuesday in a statement from Lisa Allen, who was 14 when she was assaulted near a Wareham cranberry bog.

As the evil ones see their hold on power slipping away, they have gone to a crash and burn strategy, using any cheap, slimy weapon they can find to destroy Republican candidates.

"He had to hear me screaming and crying. Instead of helping me, Jeff Perry denied anything happened," said Allen, who released the statement to the Globe through her lawyer.

Scott Flanagan, the officer who conducted the strip search and a similar assault on a different girl in 1992, admitted to the crimes and was convicted in 1993 of civil rights violations and indecent assault of a child.

In normal times, when their lies are relayed without question by the media and consumed without notice by voters, Democrats pose as good guys. Now, they've abandoned such pretense.

But Perry initially said that he was in a position to see and hear everything that happened that night and that the assault never occurred.

Ever since Flanagan's guilty plea, Perry, now a state representative from Sandwich and the Republican nominee in the 10th Congressional District, has faced questions about his role and statements in the case.

While trying to assassinate Perry's character based on an incident that occurred nearly 20 years ago may seem unfair, it's not unusual for the party of hate. In Kentucky, they're trying to destroy Rand Paul's senate run based on uncorroborated accusations from college classmates.

The socialists will do anything for power.