Arne Duncan Attacks Ed Unions

In a direct attack on the teachers unions, Obama's Secretary of Education is talking about many pro-student (therefore anti-labor) changes, including the need for great teachers to be paid more.

"I'm a parent of two young children," he said. "If I was asked, you can have an extraordinary teacher with 28 kids in the class or a mediocre teacher with 22 kids in the class, I'll take the extraordinary teacher."

if budgets require teachers to be fired, "Layoffs should be based on a number of factors but the most important thing we can do is keep the best teachers in schools where they are needed most."

Doing what's best for the children means a burning of the union bible - the equivalent of Obama endorsing Scott Walker.

In a nod to what's going on in Wisconsin, Duncan also reiterated that although he believes unions need to change their LIFO policies, he doesn't support Governor Scott Walker's efforts to strip them of their collective bargaining rights.

No, that would be an outright declaration of war. The White House has opted, instead, for a pretend declaration of war. Fight for something that's important while doing some very bad things for the unions - like national standards.