Are White Democrats Racists?

A new poll from Pennsylvania shows Hillary stopping her slide, holding onto a 6 point lead over Barack. These numbers are more realistic, I fear, than the 20 point lead noted in a post from yesterday.

One of the most intriguing numbers inside the new Quinnipiac poll reveals that Hillary leads amongst white democrats by a twenty point margin, 57 to 37. Is this because white democrats don't like blacks? Knee jerk liberals, locked into race based thinking, will certainly be pleased to see their worst fears about Americans confirmed. And they may be correct... at least partially.

Bill and Hill have been much criticized for their moments of trying to colorize Barack. Certainly its an abhorrent tactic, but it may have been more effective than many expected.

And its not as if Barack hasn't done his part. This racial divide results significantly from Barack's coddling of racists, most specifically his friendship with Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his long loyalty to Wright's church.

But these numbers, which include a 96-4 preference for Barack amongst black democrats, surely point to a flawed candidacy and a flawed party. They show the damage done by the longtime democratic tactic of "celebrating" superficial differences rather than pursuing unity.

Or perhaps the basic human desire to be part of a group, and the power of that affiliation, is so deeply linked to our instinct toward self-preservation that it can't be altered by the denial of the PC movement.

Either way, democrats are so fixated on racial, gender and other superficial differences that finding consensus seems beyond them.

How quickly Barack's candidacy has morphed from "transcendent" on the issue of race into a quagmire of division.