Antisocial Socialists

Ouch! Nancy Pelosi was harassed today trying to speak to fellow socialists at a socialist conference!

Raucous demonstrators greeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at a gathering of progressive activists in Washington on Tuesday morning, forcing her to yell her 28-minute policy speech over their loud and uninterrupted protests. It was a bizarre scene at the America's Future Now conference, as protesters screamed just a few feet away from the speaker's stage. At first, Pelosi paused and appeared rattled, apparently trying to discern what the protesters were chanting. But minutes later, surrounded on stage by her security detail, Pelosi pressed ahead.
The protesters are supporting legislation that would pay for people qualified for nursing home benefits to get a home care option.
"I'm not going to leave," Pelosi said to the audience of several hundred leaders of the progressive movement. "I'm going to deliver my speech. . . . I am going to make my speech over your voices."
It's a frustrating time for those who seek to destroy America. Their favorite politicians aren't doing the job quickly enough.
When the protests began, Pelosi's security offered to remove the demonstrators, but she declined because she believes in free speech, said two conference organizers who were with Pelosi on stage. Her security then advised her to stop speaking and leave the venue, the organizers said, but Pelosi refused, saying she was determined to finish the speech she came to deliver.
Oh, if only she wasn't so comfortable while under attack. Imagine the headlines if she'd had them thrown out!
But Robert L. Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future and one of the conference organizers, said it is an unusual tactic to protest Pelosi because she is one of the group's few lawmakers on Capitol Hill to support their position. "The bizarre thing is the speaker is their ally," Borosage said. "She just needs a coalition."
The Obama/Pelosi cabal has provided hope to the folks who don't believe in our way of government. Providing hope to those who've felt trapped by capitalism for so long makes them even less forgiving.