Another Victim

Bill Clinton could feel your pain, but President Obama shares your desire.
One day after signing legislation giving the government unprecedented power to regulate tobacco, President Barack Obama is admitting that he's sometimes "fallen off the wagon" in his own effort to stop smoking.
Just another way to relate to his peeps in the heezy.
Obama told reporters Tuesday that he's "95 percent cured." But he added that "there are times where I mess up."
Even one who has been sent from above suffers the effects of temptation.
He said he's not a "daily" or "constant" smoker, and that he doesn't smoke in front of his kids.
Once upon a time there was Nicorette.
But he said that just like with alcoholics, it's something you "continually struggle with."
Not only is the President a victim, but his purpose is noble. He's doing it for the children!
Obama said that's why the anti-smoking legislation is so important -- because he doesn't want "kids to go down that path to begin with."