Ann Coulter Gives Van Jones Federalism Lesson

Ann Coulter gives Van Jones a little constitutional reality on the notion of personal responsibility, which a reconfigured Jones pretends was the socialist reasoning behind the individual mandate. Jones, whose claim to fame has always been stating boldly the true leftist agenda, has been tamed, and now he's talking ragtime like most everyone else. The fun part is watching Coulter, so she's first.

Because you know who dealt with the freeloader problem is my candidate for president, Mitt Romney. A state can have an individual mandate, the question is does congress have the constitutional authority to require some guy sitting at home minding his own business to purchase a product.

It's sad to see Jones in his muzzled status - he's always been someone you could trust to articulate his anti-Americanism for all to see. Now he sounds as dishonest as Harry Reid, Pelosi, or even the president.

It's so amazing to hear the Republican party now cheerleading for the freeloaders... 'dive bomb yourself into an emergency room, don't worry, tax payers will pay for it.'

The key to justifying the new socialist America is to make people forget there used to be a constitution. Jones tries, but Coulter stands in the way.