Angle Uses Obama To Attack Reid

This is what greeted the president as he went to Nevada Friday to campaign for Harry Reid - a devastating ad from Sharron Angle using Obama's words against him.

Jobless numbers released Friday showed the steady’s foreclosure rate held steady at 14.4 percent, while unemployment grew in Nevada’s largest cities. In Las Vegas, where glittering casinos once mushroomed in testament to the city’s international allure and economic prowess, unemployment soared to a record high of 15 percent.

Reid introduced Obama at the rally, his voice faintly carrying through to the 9,000 people gathered outside Orr Middle School, where less than 11 percent of the student body is white. Reid has targeted minority voters.

"We never give up, do we Nevadans?" he said, drawing a smattering of applause.

A few streets away, "for sale" signs lined a modest neighborhood.

It seems unlikely that Democrats will be able to withstand the reality of how bad things are, and how much pain was caused by the president's decision to pursue his radical agenda rather than focus on fixing the economy.

"Harry is not the flashiest guy, let’s face it," Obama said to peals of laughter outside a Las Vegas middle school. "Harry kind of speaks in a very soft voice. He doesn’t move very quickly. He doesn’t get up and make big stem-winding speeches. But Harry does the right thing."

Reid is down three points in the latest poll, taken last Monday. I expect he'll lose by 10%.