And Last

It's Power First for the Democratic Machine.

With veterans standing behind him at a VFW Hall in West Hartford, Blumenthal said he regrets the times that he has misspoken about his service during the war.
It doesn't matter that Richard Blumenthal was caught lying about the most sacred of issues - military service. What matters is that he's the best chance of the Obama Regime to hold onto the Chris Dodd senate seat, so he's now lying about the lies. Power First.
When he misspoke, Blumenthal said it was "absolutely unintentional'' and "totally unintentional.''
Can one accidentally claim to have been an astronaut? To have walked on the moon? To have had sex with the Beauty Queen? To have fought in Vietnam?
For what it's worth, most people aren't paying enough attention to notice the lies, as long as the cover-up lies are offered up with an appropriate dose of 1) remorse, 2) indignance, and 3) sleight of hand. Blumenthal offered up all of these today as he attempted to sidestep responsibility, while accepting it, for being a serial liar on having fought in Vietnam.
"On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service, and I regret that,'' Blumenthal said. (There's the regret.) "But I will not allow anyone to take a few missplaced words and impugn my record of service to my country. (There's the indignance.) "I served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, and I am proud of it.'' (and the sleight of hand, attempting to trick the casual viewer into thinking someone has attacked the U.S. Marines, and shifting the fight into one about whether the Marines are good or not instead of whether he's a lying piece of crap. With veterans all around him, no less.)
It's Power First for these vermin... And last. The ruthless pursuit of power, with a killer's drooling lust, is what defines the Democrats. Compassion is just their brand, it is power that is their purpose.
Eliot Spitzer is my favorite Democrat. At least he was paying the people he was screwing.