American Awakening

What's changed? Americans are waking up to what the true enemy is. That's what's changed.

Republican Senator Bob Bennett was thrown out of office yesterday by delegates at the Utah GOP convention in what represents a stunning defeat for a once-popular three-term incumbent who fell victim to a growing conservative movement nationwide.
It's the American awakening.
Bennett’s failure to make it into Utah’s GOP primary — let alone win his party’s nomination — makes him the first congressional incumbent to be ousted this year and demonstrates the difficult challenges candidates are facing from the right in 2010.
The fight to save the country is not about bigger government vs. smaller government, or how big a deficit to run, or which war is the "right" war. It's about reversing the shift of power to Washington, and away from states, that has taken our system into the realm of the extra-constitutional.
Bennett has been under fire for the past year for voting for a Wall Street bailout, cosponsoring a bipartisan bill mandating health insurance coverage, and for aggressively pursuing earmarks for his state.
How does a man who co-sponsors an individual mandate call himself conservative? And earmarks are the cornerstone of dismantling the premise of our constitutional system.
Bennett’s endorsements by the National Rifle Association and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney did little to stave off anger toward the Washington establishment from delegates.
The candidates who are appealing to conservatives are those who are speaking to the need to pull us back into being a nation of laws built on the foundation of the Constitution.
Bennett survived a first round of voting yesterday among about 3,500 delegates but was a distant third in the second round. He garnered just under 27 percent of the vote. Businessman Tim Bridgewater had 37 percent and attorney Mike Lee got 35 percent.
Despite how events like the ousting of Bennett may be portrayed by the media, there is nothing outrageous about this movement. What's outrageous is how far we have traveled, and how willing leaders who seem otherwise to be conservative have been, to go along with our transition away from the Constitution.
The Senate seat is not expected to change party hands in November, as Utah has not had a senator from the Democratic Party since the 1970s.
America is waking up. That's a good thing.