All You Need

One of the fascinating things about the Jackson Family is how dumb they are. So much talent, so little intellectual brainpower. Which might help explain why their public declarations so often depend on puffy spiritual talk. Remember how much Michael loved everybody? And last night, there was Janet Jackson, promising that the Jackson clan is all about family.
Do you think the Jackson siblings had a relationship with Michael? How often do you think they talked? Which one did he trust enough to reach out to for help with his drug addiction? It was the children's nanny who claims she was forced to protect the children from their drug riddled dad.
Grace Rwaramba, 42, who was fired by Jackson in December, stated, "I had to pump his stomach many times. He always mixed so much of it.  There was one period that it was so bad that I didn't let the children see him ... He always ate too little and mixed too much."
Michael loved everyone - he was the ultimate liberal. Empathy dripped from him. So we have to wonder about his willingness to fire the nanny of his own children with seemingly little concern - it sounds like it happened more than once.
Rwaramba said that she worked for Michael for over 10 years and had once plead with Michael's mother Katherine and his sister Janet to intervene with his addiction to painkillers.  She also said that he then turned on her and accused her of betrayal. "He didn't want to listen; that was one of the times he let me go," she said.
Hey - what ever happened to love? It would be nice to hear one of the Jackson's speak with the strength and sense of reality as did Jenny Sanford, speaking this weekend about her husband, the wayward Governor of South Carolina. In a spontaneous interview while out riding her bike, Mrs. Sanford made it clear that she's not much worried about her husband's political future right now, she's worried about taking care of her four boys.
"Jenny is the hero in this story," said Cyndi Mosteller, a longtime friend and a prominent Republican operative here. "She's the hero to her children, and I think she's the hero to this state. In the midst of this tragedy, she is standing strong to who she is and what she believes in. . . . I think Jenny has not had these types of ambitions, but I think every woman in South Carolina would vote for Jenny Sanford for governor right now."
Instead of having love be every other word coming out of their mouths, the Jacksons might try leading by example, for a change.