All he had to say was...

Barack says his beliefs were being misrepresented when his campaign manager filled out a position questionnaire for an activist group that provided critical support for his first run for the state senate in Illinois in 1996. On that questionnaire, Barack was a clear cut liberal. Over the years, his positions have been more difficult to discern - hidden behind a cloud of sophisticated articulation.

All Barack would have had to say to avoid being held responsible for saying what he probably in his heart believes is, "that years ago and my positions have naturally evolved." Instead, he made what could turn out to be a substantial blunder when he faces the scrutiny of a general election in the fall - he passed the buck, saying that his campaign manager had misrepresented his views. That comes across as being weak and disingenuous, and questionable considering his own handwriting appears on one of the forms. Besides, it was his campaign, and it probably had no more than a couple of staffers. If he couldn't keep them in line, what's he going to do with the free world?

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