al Qaeda Seven

Controversial ad targets Eric Holder for hiring lawyers who advocated for terrorists during the Bush years.

Senator Charles Grassley last month pushed Holder to identify any lawyers who had represented detainees, and the Department said last month that nine Justice Department appointees filled that category -- but he refused to name those whose work hadn't been previously reported. Conservatives view the partial disclosure as another Holder misstep, and in a new video, the group is going on offense.
There's nothing wrong, inherently, with lawyers who might have advocated for terrorists. It is the larger policy bent of the Attorney General that would be of concern. Does the sheer number of people he hired who may have a "weak on terror" bias reflect an administration bias?
"This is plainly unacceptable in the United States," Ken Gude of the Center for American Progress, wrote in an e-mail this morning. "Condemnation is not sufficient. This is pure McCarthyism."
Are you offended?