Acting Like a White Politician

Yes, Barack's speech was brilliant. But not for the reason you think.

He cleverly made it seem that there was a larger concept at issue in the controversy over Pastor Wright, that of race, instead of having us stay on topic. The real topic is what in the world was Barack doing hanging around with this guy for 20 years. That's the discussion that should take place, but Barack seems to have succeeded in throwing the hounds off the scent.

However, he has been damaged, losing 15 points or so in people's minds when the pollsters ask if Barack has what it takes to unite the country. That's a body blow. But one Barack figures he can sustain. Let's be realistic - no one in the Obama camp thought he was going to get away with being an angel descended from above forever.

And they knew this blow was coming.... going back at least a year, when Barack started visibly distancing himself from Wright.