Access to Andrew

Fergie gets stung!

Undercover footage showed the duchess, formerly Sarah Ferguson, suggesting that half a million pounds would “open doors” before confirming that she was referring to her former husband, who met the “most amazing people”.
She's selling access to Prince Andrew, her former husband. Now there's an argument for not remaining friends after the divorce.
Claiming that she was broke, she accepted $40,000 (£27,600) in cash. She gave the reporter her bank details for future payments, adding “then you open up all the channels . . . then you meet Andrew and that’s fine. And that’s when you really open up whatever you want.”
Perhaps we're getting this wrong. It could be she misspoke.
She insisted that the Prince was “whiter than white” but also claimed to have discussed her plans with him.“Andrew said to me, ‘Tell him £500,000’ .
Does she get to keep the 40K?
Still, as it stands, Sarah Ferguson is $40,000 more the richer -- albeit neck deep in a scandal. But since no one can see (yet) where she has broken any laws, the money was given to her and is in her possession. For News of the World to retrieve it, they would probably have to go to court.