60 Minutes Shows How Unions/Dems Destroying US

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is getting famous for being one of the only high level elected official in the country who's telling the truth about how public employee unions and their corrupt partnership with the Democrats are destroying us financially. Last night, the truth was told on 60 Minutes.

“It’s not like you can avoid it forever, ’cause it’s here now. And we all know it’s here. And the federal government doesn’t have the money to paper over it anymore, either, for the states. The day of reckoning has arrived. That’s it. And it’s gonna arrive everywhere. Timing will vary a little bit, depending upon which state you’re in, but it’s comin’.”

Illinois Comptroller Dan Hines was also featured.

Watching state Comptroller Dan Hynes tell "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft stories about how some legislators have been kicked out of their offices because the state can't pay their rent; state police turned away from gas stations because the owners won't accept state-issued credit cards; and small business owners and non-profits stretching their credit lines and dipping into their own pockets to stay afloat while waiting for the state to pay them should put the budget crisis into stark focus for those few who think that band-aid fixes like expanding casinos may serve as a cure-all. Because it won't. Hynes's money quote: "Illinois is a deadbeat state."

There are other states, of course. Virtually all are collapsing under the weight of unsustainable payroll and benefits deals.

California, which faces a $19 billion budget deficit next year, has a credit rating approaching junk status. It now spends more money on public employee pensions than it does on the state university system, which had to increase its tuition by 32 percent.

Arizona is so desperate it sold off the state capitol, Supreme Court building and legislative chambers to a group of investors and now leases the buildings from their new owner. The state also eliminated Medicaid funding for most organ transplants.