On 60 Minutes, Obama Plays Politics on Big Issues

In his 60 Minutes interview last night, the president made the usual disingenuous remark about hoping to work with the GOP. Then, when asked about the Tea Party, he dumped responsibility for confronting runaway entitlement spending squarely on the shoulders of the GOP - doing the demagogue thing on the issue rather than showing leadership.

...the test is gonna be what happens over the next several years, when it's not just an abstraction, but we have to start making serious choices... the vast majority of the federal budget are things that people really think are important. Like Social Security and Medicare and defense. And so, you then have to start making some tough decisions about how do we pay for those things that we think are important? And you know, we're not gonna be able to balance the budget just by slashing the National Parks budget... And those are the choices that I think if you lay out a budget, Republicans and Tea Party members are gonna have to confront in a serious way. (about 12 minutes in)