250 Times

Careful not to respond too rashly, the Obama administration is now experimenting with a super-skimmer known as "A Whale" to see if it can be helpful in sucking oil out of the gulf.

Environmental bureaucrats are testing to see if they're comfortable with the quality of the water the ship spits back into the ocean.
Officials had to wait several days to try "A Whale," because they wanted the Environmental Protection Agency to test the water the vessel will send back into the Gulf. The delay angered local and state officials affected by the oil slick. "A Whale" swallows water and then separates it, skimming about 21 million gallons of oil every day, which is 250 times as much as the skimmers currently in the Gulf of Mexico. Like an actual whale, it collects water and pumps internally, like a heart. It could be most successful close to the wellhead, where oil is the thickest.
Day 78 of the Gulf being ravaged by crude oil and Hope & Change.