25 Year Old Dire Straits Song Faces Canadian Ban

After 25 years of listening to the Dire Straits hit "Money for Nothing," Canadians have finally had enough.

The smash hit ‘Money for Nothing’ was deemed unfit for public broadcast by the CBSC in a decision released last week after a woman in Newfoundland complained the song contains the homosexual slur, “faggot.”

Methinks it is women in Newfoundland who need banning.

The federal broadcast regulator may be asked this week to overturn a decision by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council that banned the airing of an original 1985 song by Dire Straits.

Liberalism gets more invasive, and more dangerous, all the time.

A radio station in Halifax, which defied the ban and aired the unedited song repeatedly in protest last Friday, has been warned by troubled listeners that CBSC complaints are coming.