06/27/10 09:17 pm

Kompassion Klan

It's been nearly 60 years that Robert Byrd has represented West Virginia in...
06/27/10 02:23 pm

Disrupt & Dismantle

How do we disrupt and dismantle al Qaeda in Afghanistan if they're not ther...
06/27/10 09:13 am

Storm Brewering

Jan Brewer is quickly making herself into a national figure, and she's doin...
06/26/10 09:51 pm

Joe Being Joe

Watch the nice, clean media report of Joe Biden's visit to Kopp's Froz...
06/26/10 07:53 am

Juiced Campaign

WWE honcho Linda McMahon is introducing herself to Connecticut voters with a new...
06/26/10 07:23 am

Wooden Gore

This Japanese animated recreation of the encounter between Al Gore and his masse...
06/25/10 11:05 pm

Channeling Bill

Neil Cavuto has a tough time interviewing AFL-CIO economist Ron Blackwell. Keepi...
06/25/10 02:03 pm

Pre-existing Position

Marco Rubio says that some of Obama Care should be kept. Writes Jim Geraghty at ...
06/25/10 11:26 am

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Why are Democrats so excited about the new, 2000 page, financial reform bill? ...
06/25/10 09:03 am

No Peace

Is Islam a religion of peace?
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