06/29/10 09:07 am

Custard Pain

What does being called a pain in the ass by the Vice President get you?  The na...
06/29/10 06:52 am

Oh, Canada

Protesters who sit down on the street in front of Toronto riot police seem to ha...
06/29/10 03:38 am

Stop Spending

Barack Obama, struggling to communicate any emotional connection to lives devast...
06/28/10 09:33 pm


Elena Kagan's platitudes in front of the Judiciary Committee today were mor...
06/28/10 05:38 pm

Professing Failure

Bill Clinton gives a hint of how differently he'd be handling the Gulf Oil ...
06/28/10 05:14 pm

Exalted Democrat

Shouldn't Harry Reid be run out of office for what he said in tribute to Ro...
06/28/10 10:03 am

Not Optimistic

The most obvious thing in the world is that no one who cares about the future of...
06/28/10 07:01 am

Difficult Choices

The president says those who are complaining about deficits and debt are just bl...
06/28/10 03:35 am

Palin Prognosis

Is Sarah Palin the most important Republican in the nation? Chris Matthews asked...
06/27/10 11:43 pm

Dangerous Man

How dangerous is Barack Obama?
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