07/05/10 10:56 pm

Fein Job

Ken Feinberg has been given the job of dolling out payments to those impacted by...
07/05/10 08:39 pm

Empathy Marching

In Iowa, one woman was killed and 24 were injured when horses, pulling a cart in...
07/05/10 06:39 am

Dark Side

Our government has been taken over by community activists, those who have spent ...
07/04/10 05:17 pm

Lack of Faith

Have a visit with Adams and Jefferson.
07/04/10 07:36 am

All That I Am

Governor Brewer continues to lead Arizona by facing up to political realities in...
07/03/10 03:20 pm

Don't Ask

First, the government blocks cleanup crews from helping clean the Gulf.
07/03/10 09:20 am

Wasn't There

Are you familiar with the film, "The God Who Wasn't There"? I cli...
07/02/10 10:16 pm

Steeley Resignation

Has GOP Chair Michael Steele been hanging around with Joe Biden?
07/02/10 07:06 pm

Dem Frauds

Democrats used to hate bigots. They used to call you a racist if you raised an e...
07/02/10 11:23 am

Job Failure

Stunning jobs numbers were released this morning, just as Democrats arrive home ...
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