07/14/10 09:38 am

Pushing Race

The NAACP is desperate to keep its brand relevant - which means keeping racism a...
07/14/10 06:50 am

Lucky 7

Why do the American people want congress to change hands to Republican control? ...
07/13/10 06:58 pm

Post Racial Panthers

Just spreading the love.
07/13/10 05:45 pm

Blond Brawl

The facts don't matter. Megyn Kelly takes down liberal pundit Kirsten Power...
07/13/10 03:49 pm

Post Racial Wink

I found this on Politics365, a blog whose mission just may be seeing racism in e...
07/13/10 01:32 pm

Good Racism

Which is more important to your life - the New Black Panther racist talking abou...
07/13/10 07:29 am

Rich Scribe

Billionaire Mort Zuckerman says he wrote a speech for President Obama. The libe...
07/13/10 07:01 am

Wrong Guy

How'd I miss this gem? It's from an MSNBC host, that's how! And, ...
07/12/10 10:19 pm

Fiscal Cancer

America is going broke says Obama's guy - Democrat Erskine Bowles, head of ...
07/12/10 09:58 pm

Good Point

Rand Paul says it in Kentucky, and it's very true. Why aren't more peo...
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