11/13/08 08:59 pm

Truth Be Told

Now that the election is over, the truth about Barack - always available, but pr...
11/04/08 02:05 pm

The Wright Vote

Are you thinking about Reverend Wright as you go to vote today?
11/04/08 09:54 am

Your Vote

Are you confused about how to vote today?
11/03/08 04:44 pm

Swinging Pennsylvania

This should have happened in July. But it could provide the difference in the bi...
11/02/08 09:26 am

$6 Million

Sorry - am I really posting this commercial for the third time? I believe so, bu...
10/29/08 12:02 pm

Palling Around with Dash

What is terrorism?The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a p...
10/27/08 11:12 pm

Run It

Somebody, please. With the three top polls showing this a five point race, all t...
10/26/08 02:21 pm

The Polls

Today's tallys - from the polls we pay the most attention to. Rasmussen sta...
10/23/08 06:52 pm

Barack's Lines

Presidential politics is like making a movie. The candidate is the actor, his jo...
10/20/08 10:25 am


It's clear to anyone paying attention that Barack has been outright lying a...
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