08/13/08 08:49 pm


Look at how voters view the candidates on the major issues as revealed in the la...
08/13/08 04:09 pm

Barack Gets Weaker

The more voters get to know Barack, the less impressed they are. Or, perhaps tha...
08/12/08 07:18 pm

Ban the Media!

Are most Americans conscious of liberal bias in the media? Oh yes.
08/10/08 04:07 am

The Numbers

The presidential race remains close, with Rasmussen showing McCain back in the l...
08/07/08 09:01 pm

Polls - Little Change

McCain has failed to take the lead, but the lead that Barack hangs on to remains...
08/04/08 09:18 pm

McCain's lead

Of the two polls that take a daily, constant look at the race for President, Ras...
08/02/08 11:16 am

The One

The McCain Campaign has issued a new online ad mocking Barack, this time focusin...
08/02/08 05:20 am

Democrats Getting Nervous

With good reason, the mumblings have begun in Democratic circles - What's w...
08/02/08 02:42 am


From a 9 point Obama lead at the end of his world tour last weekend, the Gallup ...
07/31/08 08:29 pm


So much for Berlin! Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll remains at a 2% Obama l...
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