09/05/08 12:25 pm

The Star

Early reports out of Rasmussen - the poll isn't out yet, but its results ar...
09/03/08 03:12 pm


Small downticks in Barack's bump. In the Gallup poll, the Obama-Biden lead ...
08/31/08 03:29 pm


Almost everyone I've spoken with who isn't rooting for Barack is thril...
08/30/08 02:06 pm

Nice Speech, No Bump

The Barack Speech surge didn't happen according to the Rasmussen poll.
08/28/08 03:34 pm

Barack Bump

The Gallup tracking poll, which a couple of days ago had McCain pulling into a 2...
08/26/08 02:57 pm

Double Even

Yesterday, Gallup showed the presidential race as a tie, while Rasmussen's ...
08/20/08 02:28 pm

The Bump

Were all media attention not about to swing to Obama for the next week or so, so...
08/17/08 06:45 am

Swinging Which Way?

It's a rare event when the polls agree, but the Saturday editions of the Ga...
08/15/08 05:33 pm


The Gallup tracking poll has gone from a 6 point lead for Obama to a tie over th...
08/15/08 11:39 am

To Know Him is To?

The more folks get to know Barack, the less they like him.Nate Silver notes that...
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