10/27/08 04:22 pm

Flawed Constitution

Despite attempts by the media to convince voters that the election is over, we s...
10/26/08 06:55 am

Zogby - 5%

On Thursday, the Zogby poll showed Barack up 12 points. It was down to 10%, then...
10/25/08 12:26 pm

Criss Cross

Zogby gets closer.
10/24/08 11:46 am

McCain Slide

The Rasmussen is unchanged today - still a 7% lead for Barack.Today’s results ...
10/23/08 04:28 pm


The polls are all over the place. Zogby up to 12, Rasmussen up a bit to 7, and G...
10/23/08 10:04 am


Zogby - Barack up 12.Democrat Barack Obama's lead over Republican rival Joh...
10/22/08 11:54 am

Be Prepared

The Zogby poll has jumped from a 3 point Obama lead over the weekend to a 10 poi...
10/21/08 05:44 pm

Race Stalled

The Gallup poll is up to a 7% Obama lead today among likely voters, joining Zogb...
10/21/08 11:33 am

McCain's Move

The polls remain scattered on the presidential race, with the small tilt back to...
10/20/08 11:50 am

Poll Flips

While Zogby jumped to a six point Obama lead today, from 3% yesterday, Rasmussen...
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