11/06/08 08:20 am

We're Number 1

Who was right when it came to predicting the outcome of the presidential race? I...
11/04/08 02:58 pm

Razz Wrap

The final Rasmussen poll is out, and it shows a 6% advantage for Barack.The fina...
11/03/08 01:50 pm

Ever Wondered?

(Please read this with Andy Rooney's voice in your head.)Have you ever noti...
11/02/08 02:01 pm

Surge, or Purge???

The surge worked for Iraq, but it's not working for McCain. His move up in ...
11/01/08 12:46 pm

Now My Advice to Those Who Die...

While John McCain has made some effort to claim the mantle of the Reagan legacy,...
11/01/08 08:28 am

Zogby Shocker

The race for president tightens, as the Zogby poll shows McCain cutting two poin...
10/31/08 11:34 am


While Zobgy stayed at 7% in favor of Barack today, Rasmussen tightened a bit.
10/30/08 11:30 am

Razz Too

Rasmussen also moves two points toward Barack today.
10/29/08 01:38 pm

Rasmussen Moves For McCain

Rasmussen operates the most stable, in my estimation, of polls. I like it becaus...
10/27/08 11:26 pm


Drudge says that Zogby's numbers for Tuesday, released daily at 1:30am, wil...
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